Regulation F time preference requirements are a landmine. These requirements could impact up to 30% of industry accounts for creditors and collections agencies alike. Most companies are not prepared to manage them. In this article, you'll find out what you can do right now with your data, your core system, and your strategy to prepare for Reg F and avoid sharp decreases in call center efficiency and revenue.

Restricting the number of calls made on an account is not new - most agencies are already able to set up call caps for specific periods of time and based on account statuses, which will make complying with the 7x7x7 provision in Reg F easier. But, managing time preferences? This provision already existed in the FDCPA, but Reg F has given it new life and not many companies are ready to handle it.

Reg F makes it clear that if a consumer notifies your agency that a particular medium (e.g., email, phone, text) is inconvenient, or that a particular time or place is inconvenient, you must not contact the consumer through that medium, or at that time, or at that place.

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