Thanks to the pandemic, a much larger percentage of credit union members are now comfortable with - and suddetly looking for - convenient, sophisticated digital banking services. Credit unions who value strong relationships with members have to figure out how to deliver strong member service through digital channels. In this article from Bridgeforce's Bo Backerman, you'll learn about changing member expectations, how to a the switch to digital banking can enhance cross-selling, why the user experience must integrate with back-office functions, and more.

Banking customers today are digitally savvy; they have an online presence and like to self-serve. In fact, 78% of banked Americans prefer digital banking via mobile app or website. From a credit union perspective, what are the reasons to cater to this digital audience? In this article, I’ll share the top considerations when embarking on (or continuing) a digital transformation in credit unions.

Regardless of the many revenue, cost and control advantages of digitalization, the basic argument for going digital is simple. Your credit union members expect it.

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