Increased consumer debt, a looming recession and the CFPB’s intensified focus on credit reporting and disputes management all add up to a perfect storm for credit furnishers. Credit dispute management and credit furnishing is about to become a really big deal for creditors, argues Bridgeforce's Michael Orefice. Those who do not shore up operations now should expect financial penalties and sanctions resulting from regulatory audits.

The world has become a very small place.

Turn on the news and see the complexities of our interdependent global economy laid bare across mainstream media. Gas prices, wheat prices, supply chain problems, war in the Ukraine, monkeypox, drought, wildfire, Covid, inflation, stagflation, and any number of problems all pointing to a global recession. At the same time, private space travel, fully autonomous driving, permanent remote work, break-through medical research, and even fission energy, are closer to reality now than ever before. Our lives and the information we experience every day, in a word, is confusing.

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